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Explore how the field of organizational leadership development is changing.

This is one of my research articles where we applied biometric methods to explore the current state of the field and future research potential.


Organizations, irrespective of size, need efficient leaders, which arguably goes without saying. There is a strong interest in leadership development among practitioners, e.g., in business, industry, education, and government, which appears to be at its zenith, especially in the field of business and management (Day, 2001). To adapt to a changing environment, leadership skills are undeniable for all levels of management. These skills are abilities that can be developed and learned to focus on leadership development programs to reorient management roles. On the other hand, to build a motivated workforce, an organization needs many people’s roles, not just individual roles for exercising leadership traits. These roles are defined by various leadership styles that guide understanding everyone’s role within the domain of leadership development.


The aim of this study is to conduct a bibliometric and systematic analysis of academic literature dealing with the subject of leadership development in connection with the fields of business and management. Researchers employed the PRISMA approach to conduct a systematic literature search of the Web of Science database during the previous 15 years and, finally, 1017 documents were used. Biblioshiny, and VOSviewer were utilized for quantitative analyses and data visualization. The results include lists of leading authors and their countries, connected keywords, and the most prestigious academic publications conducting work on leadership development. Furthermore, the study’s results highlight the principal domains researched to date and reveal gaps in the literature, pointing to possible future research avenues. The research offers policymakers and practitioners with a solid foundation on which to build leadership in organizations and consider the managerial and structural implications of doing so.

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Talukder, S. C., & Miah, T. M. (2023). Mapping the Trajectory Of Organizational Leadership Development: A Bibliometric Analysis. Acta Carolus Robertus13(2), 34-49.

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